My name is Omar and I am an unrepentant Tesla fan.  Somewhat ironically, Nissan is to blame for this, largely because of this commercial:

While I appreciated the sentiment, the LEAF did not have the range I needed, but then Tesla announced the Model S and, well, the rest is history.


There are a lot of folks that helped me get the most out of my Tesla and this site is my way to give back and help the next generation of EV owners have a great ownership experience.  While the site is focused on Tesla, much of what I cover around charging, trip planning, etc will be useful to any first-time EV owner.

This site has three sections:

  • The Co-Pilot Handbook associated with an owner mentor program run by the NorCal-Reno Tesla Owners Club
  • My musings on all things Tesla and EV
  • My take on some of the negative myths and stereotypes about EVs that seem to magically propagate on the web